What The Critics Say

“Diminutive Mitzi Adams is excitingly risky, clambering over her partner, versatile Eddie Taketa, balanced on a stepladder, or throwing herself trustingly into his not-obviously-waiting arms. Their scrappy physical tussle in her Colors May Bleed beautifully reflects the emotional tug-of-war between two disparate souls.”
Gus Solomons
Dance Magazine

“Not only is Mitzi Adams a gifted choreographer, but she is also a life saver, being a master of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient-Asian system for “hands-on” balancing of body-energy flows.”

“My favorites, however, were Mitzi Adams’Mother’s Day and Still. . . Without Wind. Dedicated to her late mother and ‘based on our dreams’, the first work was danced appropriately enough on Mother’s Day. With only a simple bright-red child’s chair as prop and partner, Adams subtly evoked the various ages of mothering, caring, and loving. It was beautiful, sensitive, and touching.”
Glenn Loney
The New York Theater Wire

“Nodding Off, by Mitzi Adams, was a fascinating work for a crisp ensemble of seven dancers…it displayed Adams’ wacky sense of theatrical dance.”
Gene Armstrong
The Arizona Daily Star

“The good news is that Adams’ program reflects vitality in the university’s dance department. The bad news is that Adams won’t be around to help develop the local dance community in years to come.”
Chuck Graham
Tucson Citizen

“The graceful, flowing interactions of the six dancers to the music of local composer Rob Boone was powerful…the problems concerning family relationships were artfully depicted with precise contemplative movement.”
Madeline B. Isbell
Arizona Daily Wildcat