• A Year Ago Today

    A Year Ago Today

    *************************************** March 17th, 2021 — St. Patrick’s Day! For me, this day has significance in that I am part Irish. At the very least, each year I don my favorite green items from my wardrobe, and question everyone on my path if they’re Irish, and whether they plan on a …Read More
  • Honkin’ Red High Heels

    Honkin’ Red High Heels

    Excited to share our new experimental film short for public view! Dancers Annie Church Heinemann, Abby Marchesseault and Evita Zacharioglou join Artistic Director of Adams Company Dance, Mitzi Adams, to chat about their process of making their latest experimental film short, Honkin’ Red High Heels. ************************************************************************Read More
  • Farewell 2020!!!

    Farewell 2020!!!

    During a year jammed-packed with so many news items it made our heads spin, not the least of which was a worldwide pandemic, it’s easier to say what we didn’t do than what we did. The dark, gloomy feelings that permeated the minds of millions of people were contagious, devouring …Read More
  • Honkin’ Red High Heels to Premiere on New Year’s Eve!

    Honkin’ Red High Heels to Premiere on New Year’s Eve!

    Thanks for attending our premiere! This event is now over. Please check back soon for the public availability of this film, Honkin’ Red High Heels! This is NOT a commentary on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, “The Red Shoes,” but yet, I am combining red shoes with dance in an …Read More
  • A Halloween Treat

    A Halloween Treat

    This trio, Short Story, seems appropriate to share on Halloween! A touch of mysterious mixed with a hint of sinister! In three sections, this REPLAY of our 2018 work is featuring dancers: Heidi Sutherland, Wade Watson, and Evita Zacharioglou. Read about this piece in our blog from that time. Enjoy!Read More

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