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Spring Cleaning

It’s always Spring when we think “where did I put that vacuum cleaner?” This Spring, I’m harkening back to “Pie, Picket Fences & Purgatory, ” a production I choreographed through the mediums of film and performance art. It attempted to reveal how the euphemistic “American Dream” falls between the cracks of the perfect picket fence/apple … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Dance and Live Music Tonight at SUNY Brockport!

Christopher Taylor

The Veil of Winter

Through the bleak mid-winter, there’s a necessary time to go inward, and fill the well of creative thoughts. It’s a reflective time to look through the fine veil of what was, and into the future of possibilities. The image with Claire Hancock holding up a vintage scarf from my piece, “Dream Spell,” feels like it … Continue reading The Veil of Winter

Honoring MLK, Jr

On this January 15th, I bring to you yet, again, a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr, through this time-honored piece, “Undisclosed Recipients: A Tribute to MLK, Jr.” Dancer: James A Pierce, III Photos: Cathryn Lynn

Reflections on 2023

“Solely United”  was a pure experiment in 2023. James A. Pierce, III, and Mark Willis came together to award me a gift that keeps on giving. A film short embracing the human spirit at its core, that I can continue to watch whenever I want. Woven among three sections of poetry, and featuring spoken word … Continue reading Reflections on 2023

“Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty”: A View from Ailey

Itty, Bitty, Nitty, Gritty


A Celebration of Dance