A Reflection During COVID-19

When the global crisis of the pandemic was still in full tilt, Adams Company Dance was fortunate to continue with their projects, implementing vigilant health and safety protocols. We were in the midst of a new project in February of 2020, when unbeknownst to us, a plague was upon us.

We completed that film project during the quarantine, entitled, Sidelined, serendipitously revolving around themes of the pandemic – a prophetic happening! Also during 2020, we created  Honkin’ Red High Heels , made through Zoom rehearsals with three dancers who shared their footage. In 2021, we created a new concert work, Black & Bluish, performed live in Brooklyn at Triskelion Arts,  along with a new film short shot in Greenwich, CT, Bits & Pieces.  

2022 began with the creation of a new film short, Enough Said, shot in NYC at Ripley Grier Studios. We kept busy through the era of being placed on pause, and found ways to stay connected digitally to continue to keep the spirit of dance alive!  We posted REPLAYS of videos from our archives; posting photos from our albums of dances; and launched numerous online events. Catch our REPLAY of our GOING SOLO concert, which includes LIVE interviews with the dancers. See our blog postings for current and past events. Your patronage has meant so much to us and we appreciated your generosity during this time of crisis. Despite the challenges we all faced, we managed to keep moving!