Mitzi Adams has had a long teaching career in dance, spanning more than three decades. She is versed in teaching the idioms of ballet, modern-jazz, and tap, but her devotion to modern dance has been her primary touchstone. Her love of dance permeates her classes, and her knowledge of body science and energy medicine helps to enhance the learning experience, from a somatic and biomechanically informed base. She believes that dancers are the architects of their own bodies, and she assists them in throwing out old blueprints and drawing new ones. She believes the door of unlearning is always wide open, and that through this door the new dancer can emerge. Her classes are musical, fun and kinetically charged. The warm-up emphasizes proper placement, centering and fluidity of the spine. Technically challenging movement phrases are built upon in the course of her classes, allowing the exploration of a wide range of qualities, spatial patterning and rhythm.

Ms. Adams has been a guest artist at numerous universities and college dance departments, including: the University of Arizona, Wichita State University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Alma College, Western Kentucky University, Connecticut College, Sarah Lawrence College, Saint Mary’s College of California, and Temple University. She also served as Assistant Professor in Dance at Western Michigan. In addition, Ms. Adams has also been a guest artist at Greenwich Academy’s Dance Department in Greenwich, CT and Calucci Dance Studio in Columbus, OH.

She is available for Master Classes, Special Workshops, and Private Coaching. Remote coaching now available!! 

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University/College Teaching

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