A Dynamic Duo

Between the Baryshnikov Arts Center and the DANY, a new duet was created within a few rehearsals by a dynamic husband and wife team. Milan Misko is a tremendous force as a dancer, and you’ll surely recognize him from past works. His wife, Nana Tsuda Misko, is new to my process, but you could’ve fooled me. She was right there with every move and picked up very fast on my style. The two of them were so helpful in ironing out the kinks with the lifts, and were so resourceful in working out the minutiae of how to get from point A to point B. The nuts and bolts of the dance were hammered out in no time, but the real stuff of the piece was still simmering.

Trickle Down came from the idea of how we continue to march on in life, no matter how hard it gets. We are the great vessels from which our daily life’s laundry resides. There has been much loss in all of our lives, and especially this year with so many of us. We, as dancers, filter all this loss — from our recent history, to our ancestral ties — and as it continues to trickle down  into every fiber of our being, we find it necessary to express it in our movement. It seemed that we downloaded this idea into the blueprint of this work, realizing all its potential only when we were in the last minutes of our taping, just a couple weeks ago. It was a cold studio that last day at the DANY, and we were not altogether sweating, but the heat was rising, and the passion was growing. Alas, the final run-thrus were hot, and the dancers gave it their all.

I hope that you’ll take a peek into our gallery of pictures to see these two amazing dancers at work. Cathryn Lundgren blessed us with her presence again, utilizing all of her skills as a masterful dance photographer, as well as her keen eye behind the video camera. As for the final performance, stay tuned… you haven’t seen the last of this dynamic duo! It’s scheduled to — trickle down — soon.