Leap of Faith

adamsdance_dress_0065Ryan Schmidt, flying high in this leap, was not only relying on her skill as a dancer, but also on a good dose of faith to get her up so high.  This article we wrote together, was a therapeutic undertaking.

When you see a dancer  performing onstage, there’s much more that goes on behind the scenes, than what you could even imagine. Yes, there’s the countless dance classes, but then there’s simply LIFE to deal with. Everything shows on a dancer, from an ounce of excess flesh, to the mole on their cheek; but, what lurks from deep within the psyche, also shows up. That’s what you don’t see — except it does affect a dancer’s ability to even do a simple tendu. How good a dancer feels on the inside, interprets through to the tips of the their toes! Ryan stretched through her toes — all the way to the air — in this story. I hope you have time to read it… I think you’ll be happy you did!

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