I Will Show You an Ocean Peforming Again This Month

img_3533I choreographed a piece in 2007   called, “I Will Show You an Ocean.”  It was inspired by a cell phone conversation where I heard a guy say, “you’ve never seen an ocean? I’ll show you an ocean.”  I thought that was rather unusual, but the magnitude of that statement hit me, and inspired to to create a dance.  “I’ll show you what’s bigger out there,” was what I really heard.  The possibilities are limitless in life, if we take the steps to see them.  Some innocent person didn’t have a clue and needed to be shown.  Isn’t that what we all are here to do?  To teach and guide others? So, out came a duet with music by Muriel Anderson.

I set it on Julie Fiorenza and Darwin Black originally, but this month I will do another residency at Greenwich Academy where Julie will join with James Pierce, from the Martha Graham company,  and also a dancer who was in my documentary.

i-will-show-you-an-ocean-07-031I might add that Julie has been gigging with Mark Morris for his latest opera and in May  she will do his Romeo and Juliet. This past summer I set “I Will Show You An Ocean” on the Movement Source Dance Company in Phoenix and thus far, it has been very well received.

I went to book my rehearsals for this at New Dance Group, only to be met with the news that their doors are closing February 15th!! What???????? A stalwart of the dance community in New York where many of our pioneers graced the hallways, and it’s closing? Through the many years of having a space grant, I was saddened to lose this long time association. A sign of the times, I guess. Julie and I will loiter there this Tuesday and say our goodbyes, as I give her one last Jin Shin Jyutsu session on their couch. Shhhh… they never knew I did this, but after rehearsals, it was always easier to stay and give treatments to my dancers,  rather than go back to my office at 103rd.

So, as this month rolls in, I will relinquish my space grant and carry on with my second best studio, Ripley Grier. I am happy to note that Ben Moss, my videograpgher, will be on hand to capture this lovely duo on the 20th, when the students at Greenwich Academy will  see them perform this live.  I’m looking forward to this new wave making a splash!

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