Goddess Danu in Brooklyn

All went well at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn on May 20th! This was the last dance performance for Ryan Schmidt before  she tied the knot this past weekend! Congrats, Ryan!! Claudia Howard Queen’s music and video footage from Ireland, were the backdrop to the piece I was commissioned to do by her, and was part of her Fellowship at University of North Texas. Her ideas, based on themes of healing, came together in a few short months. Ryan executed the piece with great strength and characterization, creating a feeling of being in an enchanted place, with fairies, mystical waterways, and lichen-covered rocks. Our other works included film collaborations with Amelia Golden, highlighting her luscious sense of capturing story-line with motion, and the mix of humanness that underlines most of our work together. A big thank you to Amelia for ACD’s production of  Playing House and A Piece of Shelter.

Hope you enjoy our premiere of Goddess Danu and Birds Over Lower Lough Erne