Honkin’ Red High Heels

Excited to share our new experimental film short for public view!

Dancers Annie Church Heinemann, Abby Marchesseault and Evita Zacharioglou join Artistic Director of Adams Company Dance, Mitzi Adams, to chat about their process of making their latest experimental film short, Honkin’ Red High Heels.

Find the symbolism in this film that eerily presses on a 2020 nerve!

A New Film Premiere Tonight at 7:30 on YouTube!

Join us tonight for the premiere of our new film short, “Solely United.” This film short embraces the human spirit at its core. Woven amongst three sections of poetry, and featuring spoken word and dance — this poignant, experimental interplay between two performers, invites you into a mystical journey of darkness and light.

Our film footage was shot on February 2nd, 2023 at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY, and with the magic of my editor, Val Gomez Acosta, we whipped together this rare experiment pulling levers, in a couple of dozen hours. The day at the theater was another one of my Jiffy-Mixes, where when all was said and done, we probably were working only 2.5 hours.

When: May 12th at 7:30 on YouTube: Click here to film at scheduled time

Featuring: James A. Pierce, III & Mark Willis

Spoken Word: James A. Pierce, III

Poetry: Mitzi Adams

Editing: Val Gomez Acosta

Creative Editor: Mitzi Adams

Music: A collection of licensed pieces of various artists