YouTube: “I Will Show You An Ocean”

James Pierce and Julie Fiorenza performed my duet, “I Will Show You An Ocean,” last month which you can now see on YouTube. They did a great job, along with videographer Ben Moss, despite my absence. Due to unforseen circumstances, I didn’t make it, and guess who had the costumes? I-95 was black ice the night before the event, and my husband and I fell victim to a multi-vehicle car accident. We’re ok, thank God, but away went our car. The dancers pulled off the gig anyway, and used what items they had in their drawers to dance in. I think they danced in their drawers, actually!

With only a three rehearsals to learn it, not my preference, but I took what I could get, they pulled it off… not what I would have preferred, but I had to snag James before he was off to Graham again, and Julie before she was off with Mark Morris again. The two had danced together before in Ailey II, so they were very comfortable with one another. They also had worked with me before, so I guess they trusted I could pull it off, too.

With the spiritual undertones of the piece, I am sure there is a paradox somewhere with all of this. I am still working on the details of that, but until then… I’ll enjoy the splash they made.

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