A Dance Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Permit me to deviate from the usual domain of  the modern dance sophistication, and allow a simple, yet deeply meaningful solo to color the wall of this blog. “Undisclosed Recipients,” (A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.), ushers in a message  through movement, depicting the struggle that King lived, and honoring his goodwill that helped break down the racial divide. This peacemaker, minister, activist and man of color, was fighting for our nation to bring equality to all people, and though we still have a ways to go, the monumental shift he made, brought justice to a broken people. In this, we celebrate his achievement.

Dance has a way of telling a story that invokes a feeling. I hope that young people who may not get a chance to dig deep into the pages of a history book, due to the Cliff-noted, Wikipedia classroom these days, will feel just a little something from watching this piece. King’s message is about love, and so with the support of John Legend’s music and U2’s lyrics, I have created this cameo piece danced by former Martha Graham dancer, James A. Pierce III. Please take the time to share this with a young person. I am sure that Dr. King would have much – pride… in the name of love!