Concert at the Ailey Citigroup Theater: A Magical Night!

August 26th was a magical night!  My new works, “Cheap Seats” and “Slate,” were only completed just a week or so before the concert. Thanks to Maria Schneider for her music lessons, score, and permission to use her phenomenal music!  Somehow, it all came together, as things usually do, and the dancers did a bang up job!  Another big thank you to Megan Slayter for flying in from Michigan to do my lighting design. She made the pieces come to life!

As I stood in the back watching the night unfold, I felt a sense of joy: not only were we able to pull the gig off in two months, but I was able to reunite old friends in the cast. I even had an old friend, Sarah Levine, stage manager extraordinaire, join me to work her magic in the wings.  As I hugged the sweaty dancers afterward in the dressing room, I was almost knocked over by the enormous amount of energy being exuded in the room. A cast of six incredibly talented dancers, all with amazing gifts, were together once again with me to ignite a powerful match that blew me away! Job well done, my friends! Thank you so much!

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