Dance Photographer Extraordinaire!!

dorky8I found Cathryn in the locker room of New Dance Group this past October.  You never know who you’ll meet while changing out of your dance clothes.  I was lucky, to say the least.  Cathryn shot two rehearsals  of a new piece I recently choreographed, “At Ease.” She came in with very little knowledge of what I was up to, and shot like she had seen the piece and knew it inside and out.  As she balanced herself up on chairs and wove herself in between all the action, she astonished me with the CD she presented.  This was a pictoral storytelling of a dance like I had never seen, from just a few short hours of work. Wow!


How did she catch this???? Ryan Schmidt is upside down and smiling, nonetheless! Cathryn saw potential in every moment and when you take a look at her shots, you’ll see what I mean. Check this out!

Read on to see all that she has been up to in her career.  And, BTW, isn’t she a beautiful woman? Someone should snatch her up for Vogue!

Cathryn’s Bio:

Cathryn Lynne is a freelance photographer based in New York City. Originally from California, Cathryn grew up as a dancer and Musical Theatre performer. She began photographing her friends and fellow artists while still in High school. After moving to NYC in 2001, she decided to pursue photography professionally. With performing being her first love, she specializes in shooting actors, dancers, singers, musicians as well as all types of live performance and events. Her studio is located in midtown Manhattan, close to the International Center in Photography, where she continues to study. Always believing that no matter how hard you work in life, there must always be a sense of playfulness and joy in everything that you do. Cathryn hopes she can make being part of a photographic experience for everyone she shoots rewarding and fun. Photography Rocks!!! From headshots to heavy metal… all performers welcome.