Dance and Live Music Tonight at SUNY Brockport!

Tamara Wilcox and I met when I did a residency at Eastern Michigan University back in 2005. A pianist and music specialist, Tamara was not only a huge talent musically, but also very well versed in collaboration and music editing. After many projects together over the years, I am delighted to present, yet another collaborative event where Tamara will play her live, original compositions, alongside my choreography at SUNY Brockport, NY, as part of her evening program, shared with musician Dr.Nancy Washer.

This evening’s concert will enable the audience to watch on a video screen, select pieces of Adams Company Dance that were previously set to Tamara’s scores. This pairing of Tamara playing live keyboards, while simultaneously filling the stage with dance on the big screen, will surely delight! Women who dazzle me by their artistry are high up on my list, and Tamara fits the bill!