The Veil of Winter

Dream Spell

Through the bleak mid-winter, there’s a necessary time to go inward, and fill the well of creative thoughts. It’s a reflective time to look through the fine veil of what was, and into the future of possibilities. The image with Claire Hancock holding up a vintage scarf from my piece, “Dream Spell,” feels like it describes this quiet time with a gentle, ruminative, dream-like state — so appropriate for this time period. The day my dancers came together, working in my Jiffy-Mix style, felt like a dream — where the unconscious met cosmic visions, and a bizarre narrative unfolded like a dramatic play. Those were the ingredients that whirled through my mind then, and as for now… I’ll dream about how thin the veil is that lies between the falling of snow, and the budding of Spring.

Dancer: Claire Hancock in “Dream Spell.”