31 Years and Counting…

I blinked and thirty-one years went by for Adams Company Dance. Three plus decades of a family of dancers, videographers, photographers, composers, musicians, tech people, administrators, and dozens of volunteers, all forever changing, but one thing always remained the same — the human bonds and the characteristics that make up a healthy, collective experience. There’s a higher plasticity of behavior with the company I keep. I tend to nurture and want them as part of my family, even if only for a fleeting Jiffy-Mix day. As I look back upon all the parts that made the whole of ACD, I bow to the many faces that occupied the pages I turned on the calendar, from year-to-year.

I have loved my playground of dance, whether it be for stage or film, which has been informed by all sources of inspiration. It’s all the ingredients that mix into the recipe, including the process of blending, pulsing, and chopping, that determine the outcome of a work. Have they all been miniature pearls of exquisite delicacy? No, but after all these years, I’ve come to realize that that does not matter. What does matter, and what keeps the fire burning, is simply to keep plugging in the blender, and inviting company to sit and be part of what’s being served up. With every passing new year, there’s bound to be a little shakin’ going on! Stay tuned for more sharing!

Feature photo: Judy Lieff. Dancers: Robert Halley, Meredith Fages
Blog photo: Cathryn Lynne. Dancers: Catherine Borrone, James A. Pierce, III, Milan Misko