Almost Fall

In many of my dances, there’s a common theme of fall and recovery — coined by Doris Humphrey, who considered this ‘the arc between two deaths,’ it’s a feeling of teetering on the edge, right before movement is arrested. As this summer winds down, I can’t help, but think about the replays of this principle within a few short months. With a recent move back to my home state of PA, I could wax poetic for another year about what guides big decisions, and just how difficult everything has been; however, with an open mind, I’ll default to my zodiac cycle, which tells me to look past the hardships and get ready to embrace the treasures yet to come. It’s almost Fall and new ideas are already beginning to circulate!

I’ll reserve my dialogue about becoming a caretaker for my parent, which is the reason behind the move my husband and I made. Instead, I’ll just share that I caught myself multiple times before falling. On the brink, yet still with my one foot planted, I said goodbye to my past, which began a sort of spiritual recovery. With Mercury in retrograde, I’m reviewing and revisiting my roots — literally my roots here in PA where I was born and raised, and reviewing the glorious 30+ years with Adams Company Dance based in NYC/CT.

As the saying goes, ‘it ain’t over til the fat lady sings,’ so I’ll be revealing my transcendence into new realms as time moves on. The review process has allowed me to sense just how devoted I was with my artistic path, and how despite all odds, I somehow kept creating year after year. As I rewind the tape, I look back fondly on the many generations of fabulous dancers that worked with me; the repertoire I’ve built; the commissions I’ve had; the films I’ve produced; the nine university/college teaching stints I’ve done, as well as a whole year term position as Assistant Professor of WMU; and the countless Master Classes and workshops in dance that I’ve taught to a wide variety of populations — and I wonder why I didn’t fall more than I did. In the end, I guess it’s how well you dust yourself off and pick yourself up after the falls, that counts most. So, during this time of Mercury retrograde, I’m delighted to fall back into my comfort zone of reminiscing, while the summer drifts by, and the hint of Fall is in the air~

Enjoy perusing this sampling of ACD over the years… just a slice of an enormous collection I have!

Photo credits to: Cathryn Lundgren; Whitney Brown; Jack Martin; Judy Lieff; Amelia Golden; Faith Marek; Peter Richards; Robin Michals; Don Adams; Ikada Dance; Joel Stephen