Life Changes

It’s amazing how life changes so fast… one minute you’re on stage sweating and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, and the next minute, you’re married and have started a family! I am glowing after the news of Claire Hancock’s new baby! She has always been so remarkable in every capacity of life, and motherhood is now another feature to her mark of greatness! My fortunate times to work with her while she spent time in NYC, added to ACD’s stock of significant artistic contributions. She was just 6 years old when I originally met her in Tucson, AZ, where I did my graduate studies at the University of Arizona. Her parents were my teachers, but became fast friends with my husband and me. Their dynamic family holds a distinguished place in the dance world… and so I honor all of their efforts for not only paving the way for me, but for all those who have been touched by their mark of genius! I know I’m not alone when I say that Claire, and her mother Melissa Lowe, and father, Jory Hancock, truly are rare gems that will be continually treasured — and now we add one more gem to the mix!

Claire Hancock and composer Vincent Calianno are the creators of Two Trains. These extraordinary artists meld their expressions of movement, imagery, and sound. Be sure to visit their site!