A Look Back at 2011

Except for the occasional pause for airing out, 2011 was busy and full of keepsake dances from the heart & mind: Heart Song; Pie, Picket Fences & Purgatory; Shelter; and Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty. Finishing the year with four new works and two new film shorts was probably enough material to warrant its own concert; but instead, the year was spread-out throughout the four seasons, ripening the fruits of our labor along the way.

From our film shoot at Baryshnikov Arts Center in 2010, shot by the inimitable Peter Richards, we finally produced a film short, edited by Amelia Golden, entitled, About Face; which followed her other film short, A Piece of Shelter, shot at The Secret Theater.  With one more to go from filmmaker Ben Moss, we are about to release, Let’s Face It,  on-line. This is yet another version of a film short from that austere night at BAC.

Starting off 2012, we will be doing an archival video shoot at the Ailey Citibank Theater this Tuesday. We will have the trio, Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty,” which premiered for Connecticut Ballet this past summer,  taped by a new video production team, graduates from the New School.  I am washing the costumes now!! Hope all goes down smoothly and we can revisit the little chair dance once more with renewed vim & vigor! And, of course, please revisit my dance about MLK, entitled, “Undisclosed Recipients: A Tribute to MLK,” as Monday the 16th is his day of honor.  Happy New Year!!

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“Heart Song” “Pie, Picket Fences & Purgatory” “Pie, Picket Fences & Purgatory”
blog-shot img_0100 orbs-bw
“Shelter” “Itty Bitty Nitty Gritty” “Let’s Face It”