A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Every now and then, I organize my files and sometimes I find things I hadn’t remembered. In this case, it was a picture taken from our Ailey concert, now three years ago. It’s amazing how much one picture can tell so much. Dance looks so easy sometimes, but in this dance, there were at least 2-3 hours of warm-up and preparation that went into performing Cheap Seats, as well as years of dance training. Do people remember that when they go to a dance performance? The toil, sweat, and rummaging for props that went into that one dance, I am sure went unnoticed. How many times have you walked away from a full-length ballet or modern work and wondered what went on behind the scenes? We just see what our eye wants us to see at that very moment, forgetting what prepared all the elements prior to the finished product. Just as in a photo, we see only what we see, not knowing that a thousand things went on to make up that one great shot. A picture tells a thousand words, and I for one, can list them all in this case!! See more pics here!