Miles: A New Duet Comes About

A very last-minute performance opportunity popped up this month at the Secret Theater in Long Island City, Queens.  The new duet I was working on needed a trial run, so I took advantage of the dates. Tonight and tomorrow you’ll see a new duet entitled, Miles, danced by Ryan Schmidt and Ryan Lawrence. I was inspired, yet again, by another piece by Maria Schneider, Pas De Deux, off her Grammy Award-winning CD, Concert in the Garden.  I knew the “two Ryans” had to meet and dance together at some point, as they are altar-egos of one another. They dance very muck alike… stretchy, long legs, and the technical prowess most dancers aspire toward.

With Maria Schneider’s concert this week at Birdland, (this was pure coincidence, or maybe not!), it all seems appropriate to wrap another one of her works  around a dance this week. Thanks again, Maria, for the tickets to the show! It was outstanding, as usual!

With all the universe is going through right now, why not treat yourself to Maria’s voice of beauty through music and dance this weekend? Thank you, dancers, for making this happen!